How to solve OLE DB or ODBC errors in PowerBI

Posted On March 23, 2021 by Jaison Menezes Posted in  Tagged in ,


Sometimes while refreshing our dataset in PowerBI or importing new data from existing sources we may encounter OLE DB or ODBC errors as shown in the image below. This might be due to caching issues. To solve this follow the steps:

Go to File tab on the ribbon in PowerBI Desktop , then click on About and check the PowerBI version, make sure it is the latest version if not update PowerBI.

If PowerBI version is latest, click on the dropdown arrow below the Transform Data button.

Click on Data source settings

Click on Global Permissions

Select the Data Source and click on Clear Permissions and click on close.

  • Click on close and again select the data source as new and enter the credentials.
  • This time the dataset would be loaded without errors.
  • Hope this article helped

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