Integrated solution for Uber Partner Dealerships

From Driver Onboarding to Fleet Management to Payment Processing – CloudFronts is helping an Uber Strategic Partner in finding success with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and CRM.


“Integrated platform with rich business insights and reliability”

CloudFronts has worked closely with an Uber Strategic Partner Dealership to create the only integrated solution for your industry. From Driver Onboarding to Car Rental and Lease Management to Payment processing, our solution gives you a 360 degree view of your operations, enabling data driven decision making and optimial use of your assets.


Built on top of Microsoft's leading CRM and ERP Business Platform, key features of our solution are-

  • Driver Onboarding From the time the Driver walks in to your facility to signing contracts and assigning Uber ID to the Driver, you can manage the entire driver onboarding process.

  • Car Onboarding From the time you purchase your car to making the car available for rental or lease, our system ensures your assets are utilized efficiently.

  • Rental and Lease Management The system generates a complete amortization schedule along with allowing you to invoice correctly. The ability to pause a rental or lease also ensures you allow extra benefits for your long term drivers.

  • Automated Invoicing and Payment Processing Invoices are created automatically and we have integrated ChargeLogic payment processing gateway inside the application to ensure you can get paid on time.

  • Document Management Manage all your contracts and other documents securely inside the platform. These documents can be accessed from any computer where you have access to the system.

  • Fleet Management With our integrated fleet management with features like checkin-checkout, car location GPS integration, we ensure your fleet management is smooth.

  • Complete Accounting Platform Our platform includes your complete accounting platform. This is built on top of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform which is used by thousands of companies globally.

  • Rich Analytics Our system comes with rich analytics that ensures you have a clear understanding of your business operations.

  • Zero Infrastructure Our system works across any browser and mobile device with zero investments in costly server infrastructure or client installations.

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Screen captures:

  • Driver Onboarding
  • Car Onboarding
  • Rental Contract
  • Lease Contract
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Document Management
  • Checkout Form
  • Rich Analytics
  • Rich Analytics

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