31 Dec’18

D365 Finance and OperationsIssue: Void Transaction Appears in show journal in POS for Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations 8.1

Issue: Void Transaction Appears in show journal in POS for Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations 8.1

When the system is upgraded to dynamics 365 finance and operation version 8.1 the user will observe that all the void transactions appear in Show journal.

This bug is resolved as “By Design” means this is the expected behavior to show voided transaction with return button disabled

If the voided Transactions are being returned you need to apply the APPMU general application 8.1.2 update and this will resolve the issue!

On application of this update the user will not be able to return the voided transaction.


Written by

Naithika Shetty

Software Engineer

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