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Item cross reference Dynamics 365 Business Central


Item Cross reference is useful to quickly identify the items that were ordered by a customer or that you are purchasing from a vendor on the basis of item numbers other than your company. You can use Item Cross reference on Purchase Order, Sales Order, Purchase Quote and Sales Quote


Following are steps to setup Item cross reference.

  1. Open the Item list
  2. Click on edit button to Open Item Card.
  3. In Navigate tab click on Cross References button.
  4. Select Vendor, Customer or Bar Code in the Cross-Reference field.
  5. In the Cross-Reference Type No. field, select Vendor No, Customer No. or Bar Code
  6. Enter Vendor, Customer Item No. or Bar code no in the Cross-Reference No. field.
  7. Enter Unit of Measure
  8. Enter description for the Item. This description will be automatically copied in Purchase or Sales order line when you enter cross reference in Sales or Purchase order line
  9. Create a new Purchase Order/ Sales order.
  10. By default, the Cross-Reference No. field is not shown in the Order Line. Use Personalization and add it.
  11. In Cross-Reference No. field to select a cross reference no. System will automatically fill the Item No. and other information in the order line.

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