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Keeping tasks flexible in duration in Dynamics PSA


Auto Scheduling in PSA’s WBS books the hours when you enter the dates and dates when you enter the hours. They are interlocked.

I want to schedule a task which is less in no. of hours but will span across more than expected duration of period.

Such requirement is when signing a support contract with the client.


While defining WBS for a Project called Abby’s D365 Implementation. I want to schedule a UAT task to span across over 10 which has only 22 hours.

  1. If I select the days as 3, I get my 22 Hours.
  2. Or select hours as 22, I get 3 days. But then, I can’t change the same to extend for more days.
  3. If I select the desired 10 days, I get 80 hours.Hence, I’ll toggle the Task Mode to Manual.
  4. Now, I can keep my Effort Hours and Duration as desired.
  5. To represent Manual mode, the icon changes to Calendar with a Pencil on it.

    That’s how you can keep flexible hours for the tasks you want to expand over a long duration.

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