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Blog Articles Published in February
S. No.Team Member NameBlog Article TitleLinkPublished Date
1Abhishek KumarData Loss Prevention in Office 365 February
2Naithika ShettyHow to issue and redeem Gift Card in Dynamics 365 For Finance and Operations February
3Shannon PereiraConnect your Azure Machine Learning Predictive Solution to Power BI February
4Somesh SiripuramConnecting to On-Prem SQL from Azure Web App February
5Sachin DabreMulti-select data elements using Power BI Desktop on Visuals February
6Anjali HemmadiUsing Integrated GP Customers for creating Sales Order through Scribe Online February
7Amol BhadBug fixing for the error ‘The request for path /NAV2018/dev/apps failed with code 422.’ February
8Olister RumaoSaving the Data of NAV 2018 after upgrading the extension in Visual Studio Code February
9Priyesh WaghBarcode Control in Dynamics 365 February
10Clinton D'MelloEditable Grid Validation February
11Simran MonteiroEmail Migration from D365 CRM v8.2 to D365 CRM v9 using Scribe Online: Activity Parties February
12Simran MonteiroEmail Migration from D365 CRM v8.2 to D365 CRM v9 using Scribe Online: Email Body February
13Sachin DabreRollling up the multiple rows into a single row and column for SQL Server. February
14Sohagani ShahPrint Custom Size Report using Document Routing in D3FOE February
15Jayant PatelConnecting Dynamics 365 Contact packs in Power BI February
16Chris D'SilvaHow to avoid data deletion when Dynamics NAV 2018 extension is published from VS Code February
17Anjali HemmadiDynamics GP Sales Invoice Unit Price always 0 February
18Jayant PatelConnecting D365 with Power BI Desktop February
19Sohagani ShahFetch Parameter name from ID for SSRS Report in D365 Operations February
20Krishna BhanushaliPublishing Web Service on IIS using File System Method February
21Clinton D'MelloOpen new form with fields pre-populated using Xrm.Navigation in D365 February
22Sunil DhingDeferral of Income & Expenses in Navision February
23Olister RumaoCreating a Control Add-in using Javascript and calling it in AL. February
24Amol BhadSetup multiple No. Series for a single field in NAV February
25Chris D'SilvaError resolution to the error “You are not authorized to sign in. Verify that you are using valid credentials and that you have been setup as a user in Microsoft Dynamics NAV” February
26Naithika ShettyCommands to Create .bacpac file from Azure SQL to SQL Server February
27Priyesh WaghKeeping tasks flexible in duration in Dynamics PSA February
28Abhishek KumarSetting up User’s Manager in Office 365 February
29Vaishali VyasCreate Record in CRM using PowerApps with Microsoft flow February
30Priyangi KakraniaFinally a CRM that improves my productivity! February

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