4 Jan’19

D365 GeneralMigrating Activities Of Type ‘Case Resolution’ Between Two Microsoft Dynamics CRM Environments


While migrating Cases, the migration of activities of type ‘Case Resolution’ is necessary. However, the complexity in migrating this increases due to the fact that when the status of a case is updated, a blank case resolution activity is created automatically by the system. This system-generated case resolution needs to be deleted as this would result in each case having two case resolution activities after migration – one system-generated and one with the correct migrated data from the source.


To tackle this issue, one must follow the following steps during migration:
1. Send all Cases (no matter what the status in the source environment) to the target with their status as ‘Open’.
2. Send all related activities to the target environment.
3. Update the case status in the target environment to its status as in the source environment.
4. For cases with status ‘Resolved’, a system-generated case resolution activity will be created.
5. In your case resolution migration map, first add a step to delete the existing case resolution in the target and then insert the case resolution from the source environment.
6. Now your case with status ‘Resolved’ will have only one case resolution and that will be the one migrated from the source environment with the correct data.


Above steps shed some light on how to preserve the integrity of case resolution activity data in your target environment during data migration.

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Simran Monteiro

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