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Notes attachments in Word Template

Introduction :

This blog explains how to add notes attachments in word template.

Implementation :

Let say we have word template on the account entity and we want to add attached notes in word template.

Step 1: a. Create record( if no record is there) for an account entity.

b. Select the record and download the word template.


Step 2 : Select  notes- annotation(1:N) relationship and Download.

Step 3 : Open Word Template, Navigate to  “Developer” ->Select “XML Mapping Pane” -> Select entity .

Step 4 : Then insert a table in the template , here inserting 2×1 table.

and then in the XML mapping, go to Account_Annotation relation.

Step 5: Map document body and note text

a. For text in word template, left-click on the note text and select plain text.


b.For the image in word template, left click on the document body and select Picture.

Step 6 : Save and Upload the Template.

To upload the Template  –

a. Go to advanced settings ->  navigate to “Template”.

b. In Templates, Select Document Template.

c. In Document Template, click on Upload Template and browse.

d. Upload.

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