16 Sep’19

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Activating/installing POS on a new system is a straight forward process. However what I have noticed on several occasions is that, connecting the printer with hardware station can sometimes take too many efforts than the standard defined process. The standard process should ideally work and should not take too much effort to get the POS to work.

However in some cases when the standard process does not work, you need to find a workaround to get the things to work.

Here in this article I am going to suggest several ways to get your POS to connect with printer if there are printer/peripherals connectivity issues

  • Reinstall latest Monroe CCO OPOS driver and hardware station Make sure to test the connection. The ping should be successful after installing the hardware station
  • Check printer name in printer settings of your system and also in POS hardware profile in F & O
  • Make sure in OPOS ADK App has printer added to it. If not then right click on POS Printer>Add new device>Select printer>Add New LDN(Printer Model name as defined in the printer settings)


If still there are issues, you can try the below steps

  1.  Make RetailHwsUser part of the local administrator group

To do that first: Open computer manager by right clicking
windows start icon

2. Double click on Administrator group

3. And Add the RetailHwsUser

4. Go to users tab  and assign password to this new user

5.  Login as RetailHwsUser and setup the LDN to the printer/device

6. Now reinstall the hardware station and restart the
computer. After restart if it still does not work, Please reinstall the
hardware station once more

Now you should be able to pair and print the receipts.

Most of the time, this works, however,if these steps still don’t work then please raise it to Microsoft support team.

Written by

Rutvik Mehta

Functional consultant

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