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Power Virtual Agents

Posted On May 28, 2020 by Rilsina Pegado Posted in

Power Virtual Agents empower everyone from business users to developers to easily create and maintain bots using a guided, no-code graphical interface.

For Steps to creating a Simple Bot visit: https://www.cloudfronts.com/how-to-create-a-bot-using-power-virtual-agents/

Let’s talk about Bot Lifecycle

  1. Create a bot

PVA helps create bots using simple graphical interface, you do not need to be an expert or developer to develop the basic conversation bots using PVA.

  1. Get starter topics to build upon (FAQs, Sites,etc)

You can directly use your existing FAQ pages and Sites in PVA and the AI will help create topics and bots from the same.

  1. Author topics with NL, Slot extraction, variables.

Bots developed with PVA provide flexibility to add variables and conditions.

  1. Integrate Bot with backend APIs using Power Automate

PVA can connect to your systems using Power Automate and perform actions.

  1. Publish bot to BF Channels

Bots can be made easily accessible by publishing them to various channels available in PVA. You can add the bots to MS Teams, to your websites and even mobile.

  1. Monitor  bot performance and improve

In the Business Summit 2020, Omar Aftab  and Cleber Mori  from Microsoft, provided customer examples of Power Virtual Agents:

  1. Government of India has been using it in its mygov.in Site
  2. Coca-Cola has PVA Bots for its Employees.
  3. MIAMI Dolphins uses PVA for Support and Sales Functions

Also, the demo example showed how a bot can help increase your productivity with minimal efforts.


  1. Get To do list from MS Planner

The Bot with help of PVA will get all your to do list tasks from MS Planner. This bot was integrated with MS Teams and used Power Automate to connect with MS Planner.

  1. Booking slots in Calendar.

This bot integrated in MS teams, with help of Power Automate will connect with Outlook Calendar.

The Bot will initially ask the day of which available slots are needed. It will then ask to select from the available slots and ask to provide a topic for the task.

Once the details are provided it will block that slot in your Calendar.

Conclusion: Power Virtual Agents have great potential to increase productivity and reduce human efforts.

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