Procedure to repeat table header rows on every page of a report in Dynamics NAV


In reports, we always a requirement to display header rows of the table on every page. In this article, I will be explaining the steps to do the same in Dynamics NAV.


1. Microsoft Dynamics NAV
2. Visual Studio Report design Environment


1. Under layout of your report, click on the arrow under Column groups and then click on Advanced Mode.

2. Now click on (Static) under Row Groups section.

3. Navigate to the properties window of the (Static) under row groups which is displayed on the right. If it is not present, you can open it by navigating to View->Properties Windows or using ‘F4’ button. The properties window will then appear on the right.

4. Now, you need to modify the following properties.

  1. Set ‘FixedDate’ property to ‘True’.
  2. Set ‘KeepWithGroup’ property to ‘After’.
  3. Set ‘RepeatOnNewPage’ property to ‘True’.

Using the above steps, your table header rows will be displayed on every page of your report.

In the above screenshot, my table header row which includes the captions for the column i.e. row containing ‘No’ and ‘Name’ will be displayed on every page of the report.

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