Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dynamics 365 Licensing requirements for using PM App?

Every Project Manager using the CloudFronts solution should also subscribe to the Dynamics 365 Enterprise Plan 1 license. Team Members should have the Dynamics 365 Team Member license.

How much does PM App costs?

The PM App is free for use.

What functionalities are covered in the PM App?

Following are the functionalities covered in the PM Solution.

  1. Project Set up
  2. Manage Project
    1. Skill Set Management
    2. Team Selection
    3. Gantt Chart
    4. Task Details Preview
  3. Resource Allocation
  4. Time Entry Management
    1. Time Entry process
    2. Time Entry Approval process
  5. Invoicing

How many reports does the solution offers OOB?

The solution offers the following 2 reports which are available OOB.

  1. Project Billing report: This report shows the billing done for the project within a Date Range.
  2. Project Budget VS Actual report: This report shows the project tasks budget vs the actual billed.

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