4 Sep’19

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Let’s say you need to create a new store with multiple registers on CPOS.


It is now possible to have a retail store with multiple registers each running CPOS and each having their own dedicated hardware.


For example: A store with two registers both running CPOS and both having their own receipt printer, scanner, etc. . Here comes the concept of a shared hardware station for CPOS, It may seem impractical to have multiple registers sharing the same scanner, pin pad, etc but it is actually possible.


You’ll need to install a hardware station per CPOS and then you should be good to go.


Sharing hardware can be handy in scenarios with limited space or lesser sales persons moving around taking the sales and so on and it’s valid for CPOS.


Note: However, for MPOS you need a dedicated hardware.


Please notice that you can’t have multiple hardware stations installed on the same machine. Please do correct me anyone if that has changed 🙂

This can be done absolutely and is perfectly possible. Just deploy a Hardware station on each device and it will work as discussed in the example above.

Written by

Ashish Mulgaonkar

Software Engineer

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