19 Jul’19

D365 Project Service Automation, Dynamics 365PSA Quick Tip: How to give Team Members access to only do time entries and expense entries and not expose other entities in PSA v3.X

Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation is a software application that companies need to buy and use if they want to have full control of a project. Organizations can use this application to manage, track, and deliver project-based services on time. Creating work schedules and quotations utilizing this system is secure. You can manage and assign resources with ease when you use this software. Mastering how this system works is quite essential if you desire that your projects become successful. You might encounter so many unique problems when you are using this particular system. Here are some probable solutions that will help you to solve these problems.

Problem Definition:

We sometimes have a few team members who only need to do the time entries and expense entries. They do not need any exposure to other entities. How do we make it possible via the OOB (Out of the box) security roles in PSA V3.X.


  1. From the security–>Users–> select the user–>Manage Role and Only keep “Project Resource” Role.

2. Go to Security–>Security Roles–>Open the security Role “Project Resource” –> change the following 2 parameters read/write access as shown below in the image.

3. Log off and log in again and you are set 🙂

Written by

Kuldeep Gupta

Delivery Head

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