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Record Deletion Tool in Business Central


After a successful Go-Live in Business Central, we somehow need to delete a record from Backend.
There is no way of doing this until you write a code to delete the specific record.
I also had a word with Microsoft Support Team who recommend taking this approach.

Thus I have created a Generic Record Deletion Tool where you have to put your Table Number and Primary Keys to delete the specific record.

Record Deletion Tool :


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Books & References:


NOTE: This tool is available for free without any warranties. Use it at you own risk.

1. Global Search for the Tool:

Searching for the Record Deletion Tool

2. Filter records by Table No. and Primary Keys:

Filling in the Table No. and Primary Keys

3. During Record Deletion:

Shows the Record Deletion Confirmation

4. After Record Deletion:

After the Record is Deleted.



This Record Deletion Tool I have added as an extension to Olof Simren’s Data Deletion Toolkit (
This tool can be used after Post Go-Live to delete a record in Business Central Production Environment.
Also, it can help you browse through the Table Data inorder to find a record.
Hope this is useful to you. Let me know in comments.

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