25 Dec’18

D365 Sales

Rename Dynamics 365 Sales Entity


This blog explains how to rename the Dynamics 365 Sales Entity


In this we will rename Account Entity To Company.


1. Rename the Entity.

  • Go to your solution.
  • Select the entity and change the Display Name and Plural Name of entity.
  • Save and Publish your Customizations.

2. Export Translations

  • Click on Translations –> Export Translations.

  • Extract the downloaded .zip file. 
  • Open the CrmTranslations.xml file in Excel

3. Now we have to make changes in CrmTranslation file. 


a. Unprotect all the sheets.

Go to Review tab –> Click on Unprotect Sheet button

Repeat this for all the sheets.

  • Information
  • Display Strings
  • Localized Labels

b. Go to Display Strings Sheet

  • Highlight the whole column C
  • Find and Replace (or press Ctrl-H)
  • Open Options on the Replace window and ensure that Match Case is ticked
  • You need to replace the plural names first and then the singular names.

  • Find – Accounts, Replace with – Companies
  • Find – accounts, Replace with – companies
  • Find – Account, Replace with – Company
  • Find – account, Replace with – company

c.  Go to Localized Label sheet.

  • Highlight the whole column D and repeat the steps performed in Display Strings sheet.

d. Save the file.

4. Import Translation File

  • Create .zip file.
  • Make sure you select both the files and zip them rather than zip the folder.

  • Go To solutions. Click on Translations -> Import Translations.
  • Choose your .zip file and click import.
  • Publish your Customization after Successful Import.

    Now you can see  changes Account entity is renamed as Company.

Written by

Vaishali Vyas

Software Engineer

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