Restart IIS using Visual studio and Command prompt

Many of the time while development we have problems due to IIS services which are necessary while debugging in D365 Finance and Operations, many of the time problems can be just resolved by restarting IIS services on one box machine. IIS services can be restarted using two methods one is from Visual studio itself and the other is from Command prompt. Lets see both the methods one by one:

1.Restart IIS services by Visual Studio:-

this is a quite easy method only needs that your visual studio should be opened with administrator permissions.

  • Now in Visual Studio Navigate to Dynamics 365 option and click on it
  • Now select Option Restart IIS Express

thats it Now your IIS Express service will restart

2.Restart IIS services by Command Prompt:-

Other than Visual Studio IIS Express can be restarted using Command Prompt as follows

  • Open Command Prompt as an Administrator
  • Now enter the command as “iisreset” and Hit enter
  • After completion, you will see the following screen

    That’s it, your IIS Service will get restarted using Visual Studio and Command Prompt.

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