Sales Order Line error – Cannot create a record in order line. Record already exist

Posted On May 3, 2017 by Sohagani Shah Posted in 


In this blog article, we will see how to resolve the below error while creating a record in Sales Line in AX 2012.


This error causes because Sales Line has a primary index set as InventTransId and the value for it is not being generated while inserting a new record in Salesline.

1. Go to Inventory Management -> Setup -> Inventory Management Parameters -> Go to Number Sequence tab
2. Select Lot Id -> Right click -> Select View Details
3. In the General Tab -> Uncheck the manual checkbox.



This error can also be caused because there exist unused Number Sequence list.

1. Go to Accounts Receivable -> Setup -> Accounts Receivable Parameters -> Go to Number Sequence Tab
2. Select Sales order -> Right click -> Select View Details
3. On Action Pane Select Manual Clean up -> Select current Tab.

4. On Number Sequence Form -> Select Cleanup

5. Click OK.

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