Save standardized PDF documents from D365 Sales into Microsoft SharePoint Released in Wave 1 2020

Introduction :

This Blog will explain about Saving PDF documents directly to SharePoint in a Single Click and this is available for entities listed below only

  1. Account
  2. Contact
  3. Opportunity
  4. Lead
  5. Quote
  6. Order
  7. Invoice


Steps to enable Entities for PDF generation:

Note : Before starting make sure wave 1 2020 feature is enable in Sandbox.

  1. Go to Sales hub -> App settings -> and Convert to PDF.

 2. Click on Manage -> Enable entities and save.

PDF Creation:

  1. Once we have enabled entities,  “Create PDF” button will be enabled as shown below :

2. When you click on Document , option will be shown to save the document in SharePoint.

If we want to save the Document , Click on Save.

Else Document will be downloaded.

3. We can view the saved Document by browsing to Related>>Documents in Dynamic CRM.

Also we can view the Documents in the SharePoint.

Conclusion : This feature will be helpful for Sales Team to increase Productivity.

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