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Send D365 Email Using Power Automate


Searching Power Automate connectors for Send Email Step available in Workflow?

Follow the below steps to send Email from Power Automate .

1)Go to Common Data Service(Current Environment)Connector.

Select Create a new record, Entity: Email Messages

Add Activity Party Attributes, Email Body, Subject and set regarding.

2) Once Draft Email is ready, add Action Perform a bound action from Common Data Service( Current Environment)Connector.

Entity name – Email Message

Action name – Send Email

Item ID – This will be the GUID (unique ID) of the record to send.

(Note: Here, we will provide the Email message ID of the Draft email created in Step 1.

IssueSend – This is a No/Yes option list. Set this to “yes” for the email to send.

Conclusion: We can replicate the Send Email functionality of Workflows in Power Automate easily.

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