Send Email to not resolved Email Ids from Workflow/Cloud flows

Introduction: We might have a requirement to send emails from Workflow/cloud flows to Ids that cannot be resolved as Contacts, Accounts, Users in CRM.


We need to make changes to system settings to allow messages to unresolved recipients

Settings v Administration 
System Settings 
Set system-level settings for Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
like to 
and delete anncuru:e 
at for various values, s 
cur organization. Set 
ion Manag 
General Formats Auditing 
Set Email form 
Ou tlOOk 
O Yes 
O No 
@ No 
roniza tion 
MO bile 
use secure frames to restrict email message content 
Allow messages with unresolved email recipients to be Sent 
Set fields as unresolved values it multiple matches are found in Incoming Emails. 
Apply Same email address to all unresolved matches when you manually resolve it for one 
Set file size limit for attachments

In case of Workflow, directly add email address in the field( It will show ? as it is not resolved address)

Process: Test 
Create Email 
Microsoft Forms Pro

For Cloud flow, in create a new email record, click on “Switch to Input entire array”, populate the email in addressused field.

Create a new record 
*Entity name 
Activity Parties 
Email Messages 
"participationtypemask": 1, 
Primary Email x 

This will let you send emails to an unresolved email address.

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