29 Nov’17

D365 SalesSession Time out in Dynamics 365


By default, Dynamics 365 online sets user time out 24 hours. In that case a user not required to login in up to 24 hours regardless or active or inactive.

Applicable for-

  • Applies to Dynamics 365 (online), version 9.0
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises, version 8.2)
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (on-premises, version 8.1)

User session timeout:

Earlier there was no configuration provided to set the session timeout. Dynamics 365 with specified version have provision to set the session timeout.

To enforce the users to re-authenticate after pre-defined time, this can be set by admin. Once the specified time is passes the user will logoff automatically from the system.

Configure session timeout:

To configure the session timeout, you need to follow the below path and set the time

Dynamics 365 -> settings -> Administrator -> System Settings -> General tab

By default, it is set to 1440 minutes and maximum value as well.

If you want to set session time out as per you convince then you need to select the option “Set Custom” and specify the desire value.

You can also specify time for warning message before the session timeouts.

Inactivity timeout:

By any reason a user forgot to logoff from his system then if Dynamics 365 detects the ideal mode then it will logoff the user automatically after certain period.

Configure inactivity timeout:

To configure the session inactivity timeout, you need to follow below path and set time

Dynamics 365 -> settings -> Administrator -> System Settings -> General tab

By default, “session timeout” is inactive and not enabled. If you want to configure inactive timeout, you need to enable it from general tab as shown below point no 6.

Session timeout section:

Minimum duration for inactivity is 5 minutes and maximum duration of inactivity is 1440.
Set inactivity timeout


It is good practice to have session timeout and inactive timeout, which will provide security to data.

Written by

Subhash Mahato

Technical Consultant

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