Set up Gmail Authentication for D365 Portals


This blog explains How to set up Gmail Authentication for D365 Portals.


1.) Register D365 Portal with Google API
Go to Google API Console:

2.) Create New Project or select the Project.

3.) Click on “+Enable APIS and Services

4.) Select “Social” under category.

5.) Select “Google+API”

6.) Click on Enable.

7.) Configure consent screen.

– Enter Application Name.
– Enter Authorized domains: “”
– Enter Application Homepage link: “URL of D365 Portal”

8.) Click on credentials 🡪 Create Credentials and select OAuth Client ID.

9.) Enter the below details.

– Select the Application type as “Web Application”
– Enter Name.
– Authorized JavaScript origins: “Enter Portal URL”
– Authorized redirect URIs: “PortalURL/signin-google”

– Click on Create.
– Popup window will come copy the “client ID” and “client secret” values from that.

Step 2: Creating Site Settings in CRM.
1. Go to Portals 🡪 Site Settings.
2. Create new records as per below.

Name: Authentication/OpenAuth/Google/ClientId
Value: Copy and Paste the Client ID value.

Name: Authentication/OpenAuth/Google/ClientSecret
Value: Copy and Paste the Client Secret value.

Now you can see “Google” as sign in Option.




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