Setting up schedule-based refresh in CDS

Data Integration project support two types of executions Manual   and auto-refresh i.e. schedule-based refresh. For manual refresh   we   have to select the project and click on run. In this blog we will   learn   how to create a schedule to run a Integration project at   specific date and/or time.

  1. First go to Admin Center
  2. Go to the Data Integration -> Projects and click on the ellipses of the project to be scheduled and click on Schedule
  3. We will get two options
    a. Run Manually
    b. Run on specific day and/or time
  4.  Now let’s schedule the project, in this example we going to schedule the project every hour starting at 17-Aug-2019 to 30-Aug-2019, and it should run form 12 AM to 2 AM .After scheduling click on save
  5. We can schedule the project in another way also, to do this  go to the scheduling after selecting on Integration project
    After clicking on the project following window will open and then click on the Scheduling and same scheduling window will appear.

In this way we can create schedule-based refresh for the Integration project

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