9 Feb’18

Dynamics NAVSetup multiple No. Series for a single field in NAV


This blog shows how multiple number series are to be set up for a single field in NAV. The number series has to be setup dynamically on Assist-Edit of the page.


NAV 2017


1. Create a No. Series : Create a number series in the No.Series and then create a relationship.

2. Create a field in Sales & Receivable Setup which has relation No. Series Table:

3. On the Card Page Enable the AssistEdit property for that field. On the Assist Edit Trigger add a function call and Update the current page: This function checks whether the field No.Series is present in the Sales & Receivables Setup and then runs the No.Series via RUNMODAL using SelectSeries and selects the current series using SetSeries function.

4. Result:


Thus, by this method, multiple customized No. Series can be added to a single field.

Written by

Amol Bhad

ERP Technical Consultant

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