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SQL Live Connection in Power BI

Posted On December 1, 2017 by Anjali Hemmadi Posted in


In this article, we will learn how to configure Live connection for SQL in Power BI.


  1. Power BI  Licence
  2. SQL Server Database Engine.
  3. Power BI Gateway (Refer this link to configure Power BI Gateway)

Steps to Connect SQL Live in PowerBI:

  1. Open PowerBI Desktop
  2. Click Get Data and Select SQL Server.
  3. In the SQL Connection details, select DirectQuery Mode for Live Connection.
  4. Once the Data is loaded, you can create Power BI Dashboard. DirectQuery enabled status is visible at the right bottom of the Power BI Desktop.
  5. Before publishing the Dashboard, login into Power BI Service.
  6. Under Manage Gateway, we must add a data source for SQL Server.
  7. Go back to Power BI Desktop and publish the Power BI dashboard.
  8. In the Power BI Service, under the Reports you will be able to see the published Live SQL dashboard.

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