SQL Trigger not populating with Table in Logic App


In SQL triggered Azure Logic Apps that you might have faced the issue not being able to select your table in dropdown. Also, if you enter the table name using Custom Text option, you notice the Logic App is not being triggered as expected. Let us see what the issue is and how to solve it.


There are two SQL Triggers as follows in Azure Logic App at the moment:

  1. When an item is created trigger (V2)
  2. When an item is modified trigger (V2)

You do not find your tables in dropdown because the “When an item is created trigger (V2)” requires IDENTITY column and “When an item is modified trigger (V2)” requires ROWVERSION (TIMESTAMP) column.


Please verify below in your tables:

  1. Table must have an IDENTITY column for the When an item is created trigger (V2)
  2. Table must have a ROWVERSION (a.k.a. TIMESTAMP) column for the When an item is modified trigger (V2).

Try to create a new table with these added columns and recreate the API connection again in your logic app and verify if you are able to see the tables in the dropdown.

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