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SSIS package Deployment using file System

Posted On January 31, 2018 by Jayant Patel Posted in


In this blog we will see how we can deploy SSIS integration package individually using file System Deployment.


Convert the current project to package deployment model.

After clicking the project deployment model, the screen will pop up with the compatibility check for all the packages with below screen, click ok if all is good.

Below icon and name will be changes for the solution when you click Ok button from above screen.

Create your package and test it in visual studio, save your package.

Now we go for deployment of package:

Capture the path for the package: “D:\PackageDeploy\Package.dtsx”

Deploying Package to SQL Server and Configuring it to SQL Agent Job:

Create New job

Create the Steps in JOB

  1. Crete the Step.
  2. Select the Step type to SQL Server Integration Services Package
  3. Select the Package source type: File System as this is a package Deployment model.
  4. Provide the package path

Note:  While providing the package path we need to make sure that SQL server can communicate to the path as this will be running inside the SQL server.

Execute package and check the Job status:


With the above steps you should be able to deploy the SSIS package using package deployment model, there are many more methods to deploy the package, like- by using manifest file, Project deployment models and so on, stay tuned for upcoming blogs.

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