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Suspend(Hold) and Recall a transaction in the POS in D365 Retail(Commerce)

Point of sale (POS) users can suspend in-progress transactions, and then resume them later or on a different register. Transactions are often suspended to quickly free up a register for a different task without losing any progress on the current transaction.

For example, a store associate starts to process a customer’s transaction on a mobile device but must complete it on a register that has a cash drawer. In this case, the store associate can suspend the transaction on the mobile device, and then recall and resume it on a register.

You can suspend a transaction by clicking on Suspend transaction button on POS and Recall it by using Recall transaction button

You can void suspended transactions either by recalling the transaction and then performing the Void transaction operation, or by selecting the transaction in the Recall transaction list and selecting Void on the app bar.

Alternatively, the store can be configured to prompt users to void suspended transactions when they close their shift. This can be configured from Functionality profile of the store.

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