Time Out and Retry Policy in Power Automate


While using Power Automate actions, you may need to retry or set timeout for your actions.


For Create, Update, Delete, Send HTTP request, Do Until Actions, simply go to Settings

In Settings, you will find Timeout and Retry Policy options.

Time Out: For the duration specified, the action will wait and then time out. Here P1D means 1day.

For minute- specify P1M and S for Seconds.

Retry: You can set the retry policy.

There are 4 types:

  1. Default- The default is an exponential interval policy set to retry 4 times.
  2. None- Do not Retry
  3. Fixed Internal- Count( No of times to retry), Interval( time between retry).

4. Exponential Interval- Count(No of times to retry), Interval(Time between retry), Minimum and Maximum Interval (the Retry will happen exponentially[Increase or decrease] between the specified intervals)

Eg: If Interval is 1H and minimum Interval is set to 1M- it will decrease exponentially till it reaches 1M.

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