Customer Success: Tinius Olsen

Integrated Dynamics AX – CRM and Field Service with Power BI Analytics.

Tinius Olsen deployed an integrated Dynamics AX 2012 R3 and CRM Online plus Field Service solution for complete access to data across the organization. Sales and Operations Dashboards along with Key Performance Indicators were developed on top of the Power BI platform.

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Tinius Olsen : A Testing Machine Company

Tinius Olsen is a Horsham, PA headquartered, leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of static tension and/or compression materials testing machines. You can read more about Tinius Olsen at

Tinius Olsen’s Global Operations Head, David Wheeler, wanted a solution that would :

  • Handle all Finance related requirements through a robust AX platform.
  • Provide rich dashboards and KPIs through an Analytics platform leveraging AX and CRM data.
  • A modern Field Service solution for their global Field Service teams.
  • A reliable and deep integration between AX – CRM and Field Services for a ‘complete’ view of the customer across all departments.

Solution Delivered:

The CloudFronts team delivered an Azure hosted AX 2012 R3 platform integrated with Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics Field Service and analytics on the Power BI platform.

Tinius Olsen and CloudFronts worked together on implementing an integrated AX 2012 R3 on Azure, CRM Online and Field Service solution and Power BI analytics for our global operations. CloudFronts’ technical and functional depth across the Microsoft Dynamics platform and round the clock post go live support ensured a successful Go Live for this mission critical implementation.

— David Wheeler, VP – Operations, Tinius Olsen

Key Features:

Tinius Olsen was able to move to a modern, integrated platform using AX and CRM for their global operations. Key benefits –

  • AX on Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) ensures high availability for Tinius Olsen’s 24 hours’ a day operations.
  • Dynamics CRM Online for Sales, ClickDimensions for Marketing Automation and Service, provides a state-of-the-art cloud CRM platform.
  • Field Service solution within Dynamics CRM Online ensures seamless Sales to Service Customer engagement.
  • AX – CRM and Field Service integration using Scribe Insight ensures access to data across the organization.
  • Finance and Sales Dashboards built on top of Power BI and utilizing data from across AX and CRM ensures real time access to key metrics and trends across the business.

Key Technologies:

  • Dynamics AX 2012 R3 with RDS for Client access.
  • SQL Server AlwaysOn for High Availability.
  • Azure IaaS (Hybrid deployment connected to Onpremise AD)
  • SSO for CRM Online using AzureAD Connect
  • Field Service
  • Power BI Analytics.
  • SQL Datawarehouse and SSAS Tabular model.
  • Scribe Insight

Post Go Live:

Tinius Olsen is successfully using the integrated solution across its existing operations. The CloudFronts Support team provided 24/5 access for critical support for post go live issues to ensure fast resolution.

At the time of this writing, Tinius Olsen and CloudFronts are working together for onboarding their China operations onto the integrated AX – CRM platform.

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