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Transfer order mainly use for Transfer inventory from one location to another location.

Below are the steps to create transfer Order

  1. In the Search box, enter Transfer Orders, and select the link

  1. Click on New button to create new transfer order.

  1. Select the Location in Transfer from Code field from where you want to ship the Inventory
  2. Select the Location in Transfer to Code field from where you want to receive the Inventory.
  3. Direct Transfer: If select yes then the transfer does not use as in-transit location. When you transfer directly, the Qty. to receive field will be locked with the same value as the quantity to ship.
  4. Select the Item, quantity on Transfer order lines.
  5. If Direct transfer is no then Select the Location in In-Transit Code field which is used for mainly material is shipped from one location but not received in another location.

  1. On Action tab, click on post button to ship the Inventory from one location. Select ship in message Box and click on OK.

  1. You can check Quantity which are shipped in Quantity Shipped field.
  2. Then again click on Post button to receive the inventory in another location. Select Receive in message box and click on OK.

  1. You can check transferred shipment in Posted Transfer Shipments.

  1. You can check transferred receipts in Posted Transfer Receipts.

Conclusion:  Transfer orders involve posting items as shipped from one location and posting them as received at the other location.


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