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Trick to find the fields Workflows trigger on


This blog consists of information on how you can find the triggering parameter of the Workflow.


There are many workflows on update of a record and which workflow is triggering for which fields and on which fields the workflow is dependent on.

It may be handy to identify which fields are being used to trigger workflows. You would open each workflow and check or you could click field in every entity and Check Dependencies.

But there is much easier way for it.


We can make use of Advance Find on the Process Entity. There are some fields like

1) Trigger On Update Attribute List

2)Trigger On Create

3) Trigger On Delete

4) Is Child Process

This fields can be useful in many ways. Trigger On Update Attribute List has a field list separated by comma. This are the fields on which the workflow triggers.

Process Advance Find
Process Advance Find

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