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Vendor Invoice Journal-Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations


Vendor invoice journal helpful to post purchase invoices that are not associated with purchase orders. Examples of this type of invoice include expenses for supplies or services.


  1. Go to Accounts Payable > Invoices > Invoice journals
  2. Click on new button, select name of the journal and enter a description in description field.
  3. In the Date field, enter the posting date that will update General Ledger.
  4. Select Vendor account
  5. Specify invoice number in Invoice field.
  6. Enter Description in the field description
  7. In the Credit field, enter a number.
  8. In the Offset account field, enter the account number or click the drop down button to open the lookup
  9. Click on Validate to check the data are correct.
  10. Click on post to Post the Invoice

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