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Voice of the Customer – Resolved Issues


Voice of the Customer features creating and sending out surveys to gain valuable feedback from your customers about your products or services. Respondents can take your surveys on a phone, tablet, or computer. You can see your customer’s feedback history as you work a sale or resolve a service case.

In this blog we will have look on the solved issues by Microsoft till now.

Resolved issues in Voice of Customer version 9.0.1162:

  • The survey minimum and maximum values revert to their default values on saving the question.
  • Invitation Link Text field gives HTML Validation Error when you provide input like <<<Hello>>>.
  • The mandatory date question response validation fails for locales with dd/mm/yy date format in Google Chrome.
  • Multiple survey responses are created when you open a survey link in different tabs or browsers and submit.
  • Rotation of headers in Single rating in columns and Multiple ratings in columns questions do not work.
  • In French locale, a few emoticons are not displayed while previewing the Smilies rating question.
  • You were unable to preview or publish a survey if “>>>” or “<<<” characters are in the Invitation Link Text field.

Resolved issues in Voice of Customer version 9.0.1113.10:

  • Footer URLs are opened in the same tab as survey.
  • Unable to enter negative value as the answer to the numerical response question.
  • All answer options of a mandatory question are highlighted if an option is not selected by the respondent.
  • The Response column under the Question Responses section in a survey response allows only 100 characters.

Resolved issues in Voice of Customer version 9.0.959.8:

  • Feedback entity does not work properly on all locales specified in Dynamics 365.
  • Unable to clone surveys on a French organization.
  • The default count resets to five in a start-rating question even after modification.
  • The unsubscribe link is not visible on the survey.
  • Respondent can skip Single Rating question even though it is marked as mandatory.
  • Translation corrections for few strings in the Japanese language.
  • The error messages are not appropriate in case of a survey exception.
  • The social sharing dialog box is not displayed completely on the survey.

You can refer our previous blogs on Voice of Customer for proper understanding of Voice of Customer solution.

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