Dynamics 365 Commerce (Retail + e-Commerce)

"Officially we are live now. Microsoft Dynamics 365 helping us optimize our operations, engage customers and empower our employees. Sonee Sports and CloudFronts worked together on implementing Dynamics 365 Retail for our global operations. CloudFronts' technical and functional depth across the Microsoft Dynamics platform and round the clock post go live support ensured a successful Go Live for this mission critical implementation."

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“Elevate your customer’s shopping experience with Retail Digital Transformation.”

Meeting the needs of the modern consumer requires retail management systems that are seamless, cost effective, fast, flexible and 100% customer orientated. That’s where CloudFronts and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail come in. CloudFronts ERP solution for retailers provides a consistent management solution across all retail channels. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail Management Solution is one of the best ERP cloud solutions. Its power and performance deliver a superior customer experience, even during periods of peak demand.

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has evolved its CRM and ERP cloud solutions and taken the next step in the development of intelligent business applications. Users are going to have a better experience using the newer version of Dynamics 365 for retail.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for retail is a retail solution that is new and unified and is going to reduce the complexities that retailers face every day. Besides empowering the employees of these retailers, it will help them to focus more on connecting well with their customers. It is one of the Microsoft Retail Software that you as a retailer you need to acquire. This one platform can give you a single view of the customer without any gaps or duplication across channels. Plus, cross channel customer engagement capabilities like loyalty cards, gift cards, in-store clienteling, and promotions are at your fingertips.The best part is that these capabilities can be configured any way you like, allowing you to select the option that makes the most sense for your organization.


  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences. Give your salespeople the product and customer information they need to provide immediate, personalized service—across social media, mobile sites, stores, and other retail touch points. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail also helps you:
    • Deliver amazing customer experiences.
    • Move products smoothly from procurement to sale.
    • Merchandise effectively.

  • Fast-track your business performance. Get a live view of all your numbers and data analytics from Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail. This cloud-based Microsoft ERP system provides the relevant information you need to deliver strategic, data-driven insights to key departments.
    This helps you:
    • Gain immediate financial insights.
    • Drive corporate strategy and growth.
    • Decrease debt through efficient collection management.

  • Improved Retail Management. Get visibility across connected distribution, customer service, sales, and marketing systems so you can innovate your products and processes to meet rising expectations. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail delivers this ERP system continuity and helps you:
    • Simplify production floor management.
    • Accelerate product introductions.
    • Offer flexibility in delivery alternatives.

Check how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is enabling the next generation of empowered retail.


Why Dynamics 365 for Retail?

This fully integrated solution delivers the breadth and depth of functionality demanded by large and small retailers, without the need to build, manage and maintain multiple applications and inconsistent interfaces.

Its unique use of a single application to cover store to headquarters; the Point of Sale (POS) terminals, store systems, inventory, merchandising and all the store functions required at head quarter sets D365 Retail apart from all other solutions in the market.

Dynamics 365 for Retail is the perfect fit for retailers in various industries.

Apparel and Fashion:

  • Stock control Provides detailed information from customer sales, and helps find the right product mix for your store to meet sales goals and maximize revenue.

  • Efficiency of warehouse users Decrease of up to 60% in time consumed managing warehouse processes.

  • Efficient data synchronization Latency factor can be reduced by up to 50% to update store data in a centralized database with reporting access.

  • Open-to-Buy Allowing merchandisers to stay informed as to what is available and what they need to buy.

  • Head quarter control Take total control over pricing and increased sales as head office directs and enforces store prices.

  • Loyalty Program Easy access to customers anywhere through mobile applications and web portal.


  • Stock Management Disciplined stock management throughout the organization.

  • Price Control Clear merchandising improvement on pricing and promotions.

  • Increased Productivity More automation to improve work and sales processes.

  • Sales Management Visibility of margins and sales keeps preferred stock moving.

  • Product Groupings Control the right product groupings in the right stores.

  • Store Openings Support rapid growth and store openings easily and efficiently.


  • Faster business response Faster management and operational decision making.

  • Reduce operating costs Better management control and centralized processes.

  • Net ROI Return on investment is approximately 30% higher than on other platforms.

  • Integrated handling Handling sales processes and accounting from the store to head quarter. And, also handling of stores and warehouses to improve stock management and reducing inventory costs

  • Streamlined financial processes Cut end-of-month processes from one week to one day.

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