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It’s likely, you think of an organization full of kind, giving, passionate, and mission-driven people who are making a difference in local, state, national, or global communities. Their power to affect positive change joins groups of like-minded people with shared missions to deliver happiness, help, and heart to the world, and, may we just say – it’s amazing what some of these non-profits accomplish!


Non-profits are a special kind of organization, driven by a belief in a shared, altruistic ideal rather than a bottom line. Non-profits often operate on tight budgets and have vastly different metrics for success than businesses motivated solely by earnings. The biggest issue is transparency. Nonprofits are obliged to show the transparency in their activities to the stakeholders so as to maintain their optimum trust and thereby keep up the financial grants.

Power BI has already established itself as a great way to make data operations even easier in the nonprofit sector. These organizations are increasingly looking to leverage their data in cost-effective ways and drive real-time decision making. And nonprofits, perhaps more than other organizations, require easy, impactful ways to demonstrate their activities and rally support from their stakeholders.


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Running a nonprofit is no easy feat; charitable organizations often have a considerable number of plates to keep in their air, and rely on volunteers to keep things moving. The clearer an overview of an organization has over its entire operation, the more productive and efficient it can be. With information siloed across various programs, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to pull together all that data to get a complete picture of everything that’s going on. Dynamics 365 has a home, and a feature, to manage every aspect of a nonprofit’s operations; contacts, donations, volunteers, and memberships are all contained within the same app, enabling all departments to operate in the same space, and offering complete transparency into operational processes. This is especially important when an organization has staff working on various projects, often in numerous locations, and an ever-rotating roster of volunteers. In addition to the holistic dashboards and customizable reporting tools native to Dynamics 365’s CRM apps, the programs can also be integrated with Microsoft’s Power BI suite of business intelligence tools, for more in-depth insights and data visualizations.


No two Non-Profits are the same, and Dynamics 365 makes it easy to customize and configure the system to meet individual business needs. Microsoft’s AppSource store hosts thousands of third-party add-ons and connectors so that functionality can be extended without the need for extensive coding or development. Fields can be customized, and dashboards can be set up for specific roles to help employees find the information they need quickly. By harnessing PowerApps, nonprofits can create their own web and mobile apps, using a simple but powerful, drag-and-drop interface; no coding knowledge required. Building and deploying custom, branded apps can help deliver your nonprofit’s message, massively boost donor engagement, and make it easier for people to support your cause.


Most nonprofits have limited budgets, so Microsoft Dynamics 365 strives to keep the cost of its system low so nonprofits have options with quality CRM management. For nonprofit organizations, Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers licenses at the following rates: Dynamics 365 Enterprise: $28.75 per user, per month (including full use of Apps) Dynamics 365 Team Members: $2.50 per user, per month (including the light use of Apps) Separate Apps are also available at more affordable rates for nonprofits.

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