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Barcoding and Inventory Management
Now, no more manual efforts,
no more guesses!

Know your Inventory within a Jiffy

100% Traceability for Business Owners

100% Traceability for Business Owners/Retailers/Distributors/Stockists

When was the last time you spent hours hastily searching for the stocks in your inventory? Stop searching it now and instead use Barcode Inventory Management software customised and designed exclusively for the businesses in Maldives. Your inventory will be safe around in the warehouse and our platform will help you to trace your inventory on a real time basis.

100% Accuracy Elimination of Manual Efforts

100% Accuracy, Elimination of Manual Efforts

As a retailer, you would want to know the exact level of stocks lying in your inventory so as to internally manage the calculations and budgets well. Since no manual efforts are needed now, the Barcode Inventory Management platform will allow for 100% accuracy in displaying the stock levels. Many Retailers fail to understand the importance of the accuracy of the stock levels which drives them to either over buy or under buy the raw materials, ready stock, etc. and subsequently, face the never-ending problems.

Reduce Costs Increase Profitability

Reduce Costs, Increase Profitability

When you have tons of inventories lying in your warehouse, you would want to know the status of inventory levels. Significant number of stockists, retailers and distributors are facing acute problems related to the wastage of the items in the warehouse due to storage issues. Inventory management platform will help you lower your storage costs by ordering right quantity of items. This reduces storage costs and helps you determine the ideal time to reorder product, so you don't have to pay more than necessary for storage.

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