Project Methodology

“We will either find a way, or make one.”

The Project Management Office (PMO) at CloudFronts is responsible for managing all Internal & Client Projects. Our Project Managers follows industry standard best practices for Project Management and leverage tools like MS Project and Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation (PSA) to effectively manage Project timelines & budgets. Our PMO is also responsible for maintaining our Project Delivery Standards & Processes.

Our Project Methodology is highlighted in the Flowchart below:

Our PMO follows industry standard Project health checks to determine whether projects are well-governed and inherent risks are being identified and controlled. These protocols include:

  • Schedule management: The schedule management function assists the program by identifying project level milestones and integrating them into an overall program level plan.

  • Risk, Issue and Scope Management: We supports individual projects by identifying and evaluating risk, issues and change requests to a program. The PMO manages the specific reviews and documents key decisions.

  • Quality Management:The PMO provides quality management by providing expertise in quality control, quality assurance, coordinating quality inspections, and process coaching. This function is often perceived as administrative overhead and intrusive to individual projects, however, it is a critical function for consistent delivery. The PMO should inspect project level deliverables and more importantly provide coaching to project teams requiring additional project management support.

  • Resource Management:Resource allocation and resource capacity needs to be managed across the program for effective utilization. Depending on how well resources are allocated, different projects may have additional resource capacity and skills that can be shared across the program. By establishing a resource management model and tracking utilization, programs can make better decisions for project prioritization. The key to an effective resource management model is the quality and reliability of the underlying data. The PMO manages the data collection and reporting process.

  • Communications Management:Every project and program requires a communications plan. Although the target audience and frequency may vary at the program and project levels, the PMO creates the overall program communication standards for projects to follow. The PMO will also assist the program manager in developing necessary communications to program stakeholders.

  • Financial Management:Tracking actual spend and forecasting future costs while navigating a company’s internal billing and reconciliation procedures can often be a full time role within the PMO.

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