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Microsoft Dynamics Nav Upgrade

"CloudFronts helped us understand what ERP is. Today ERP is helping us understand how much we are consuming and is able to streamline all the data processes."

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Still running older version of NAV? It's time to upgrade now!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV integration is one of the most popular ERP systems that are quite popular among small and mid-sized businesses. It has got a good reputation because installing it is pretty straightforward, and learning to use its interface is something simple. People love using it.

Dynamics NAV customers are missing out on the real benefits of upgrading to Dynamics NAV in today’s cloud-based environment. If you upgrade Dynamics NAV, you will be taking advantage of improved functionality, new features, and enhanced capabilities, you can boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve customer service.

Microsoft is continually looking at ways to improvise the Enterprise Resource Planning Systems or ERPs. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Inventory Management, companies can do tasks such as setting up alternative vendors, check on inventory assembly management, and get the required analysis report with ease.

Why you should consider a NAV upgrade?

70 Per cent of Microsoft Dynamics NAV users around the world continue to run old versions of NAV. Although previous NAV versions have delivered powerful operational benefits throughout its usage, upgrading to latest version takes performance, agility and interoperability to whole new levels. One of the prime reasons for not upgrading is the reluctance. Businesses in the past have experienced time-consumption, delays and downtime during upgrade process.

However, these are myths and today, the upgrade process is quite straight, simple and short.

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Why are companies considering switching to latest version of Dynamics NAV?

There are scores of reasons and benefits that business are able to reap once they upgrade to the higher version.

  • Obstructions in the daily operations.

  • Required process reengineering and associated master data and components.

  • Database size and related delays in export data for queries.

  • Features in the older version that needs improvement.

  • Suspension of vendor technical support

  • Changing the business model / IT infrastructure, which requires an upgrade of the business applications used.

Benefits of upgrade:
  • Improvements in the system architecture.

  • Enhancements in the Interface.

  • Improvements in the Functionalities.

  • Automation of more features.

  • Additional functionalities like Cost Accounting, Cash flow forecasting.

  • Integration with Microsoft Business solution products (Office 365, Power BI, Microsoft Flow, Dynamics 365 for Sales and many more).

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