Manage your entire Project Life Cycle in Dynamics 365 with two awesome options

Project Management App

(For small and mid-size organizations)

Developed by our team for our own Project Management and our desire to run all aspects of our business within Dynamics, the Project Management App is now available on the AppSource for just $199/month for unlimited users.

Project Service Automation

(For larger organizations)

Geared towards Enterprise Project Management requirements, the Dynamics 365 PSA app is a feature rich Project Management application from Microsoft.
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"The PM App is an integral part of my Project Management methodology. It allows me to manage the entire Project Life cycle within Dynamics 365 CRM, ensuring that we deliver projects on time and on budget. Developed by us, for us and now available for everyone!"
- Kuldeep Gupta, Senior Project Manager, CloudFronts Technologies, LLP.

Project Management Best Practices Consulting & Setup

For any Professional Services organization, successful project delivery is at the heart of the business. We don't make pens, chairs or phones, we deliver services based projects. Efficient Project Management requires good tools and best practices that are honed over time.

Our Project Managers have delivered Projects of various sizes, from 2 week QuickStarts to 6 month projects that span various industry verticals. Engage us for Project Management best practices consulting and setup of your PM App or PSA solution.

Project Management App (PM App)

  • Ideal for small and mid sized professional services firms.

  • Quick intial set up and rapid deployment.

  • Intuitive scheduling and Gantt chart interface.

  • Multiple resource allocation options - Split by availability, split equally and split mannualy.

  • Dynamics 365 CRM users as project resources.

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Project Service Automation (PSA)

  • Ideal for large professional services organizations with global teams.

  • Extensive set up requirements.

  • Work breakdown structure and integration with Microsoft Project.

  • Multiple resource allocation options - Front load, split equally, and split manually.

  • Project resources can be Dynamics 365 users or customer contacts.

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Microsoft Dynamics PSA (Project Service Automation):

Our Delivery Head - Kuldeep Gupta, who is also our Product Manager for the PM App, took the initiative to write an e-book on deploying the Dynamics 365 PSA solution for Project Management. Setting out to improve on the existing PSA documentation, Kuldeep's goal to write this series was to provide an exhaustive step by step guide to ensure any Project Manager could deploy the new Dyanmics 365 PSA platform! You can connect with Kuldeep here.

Download our complete D365 PSA E-book here.

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