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AX – CRM Integrations

Feature & Benefits:

  • The capability to integrate Microsoft Dynamics AX with other systems inside and outside the enterprise is a common requirement.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX is shipped together with many standard document services that support common business processes.
  • There can be benefits to integrating your Microsoft Dynamics AX application with other technologies. One benefit is you can use other technologies to develop parts of your overall Microsoft Dynamics AX application.
  • Another benefit from integration is the ability to coordinate your Microsoft Dynamics AX application with external applications. The external applications can be inside or outside the boundary of your enterprise. The functionalities of the two applications can interact, and data can be exchanged.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX can be easily customised based on the business needs to connect to other solution(s) like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, FSA Solutions, etc.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX can be Integrated to other applications using the SCRIBE Insight platform. Scribe Insight is an enterprise grade integration platform with robust connectors to Dynamics AX AIF Framework.
  • We have extensively used SCRIBE in many of our integration projects and connect to AX through the AIF Framework.

AX – CRM Integration

  • About 60% of Dynamics AX customers are in the manufacturing and distribution industries, which are particularly transaction intensive, so the CRM to ERP real-time and native integration along with complete information accessibility can deliver a meaningful impact. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a highly integrated ERP solution.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX can be easily integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • The 2 systems can connect and synchronize the below informations:
    • Customer and Contact Information.
    • Sales Orders and Invoices.
    • Currency Conversion Rates.
    • Product Information Management.
  • Note: Any other process/transaction from CRM can also be easily integrated based on business need of your organization.

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