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Customer Success: Cybernetik Technologies

Document Management System with SharePoint Online

CloudFronts partnered with India-based industrial automation company, Cybernetik Technologies to create a robust Document Management System powered by Microsoft SharePoint Online.

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About Cybernetik Technologies:

Cybernetik Technologies is an industrial automation company that blends experience with innovation to design, build, and install end-to-end, customized automation solutions for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and manufacturing industries. Headquartered in India with two design offices and four manufacturing plants, Cybernetik provides automation solutions to industries across the world. Learn more about them at

Business Challenges:

Cybernetik Technologies was looking for a robust Document Management System to accommodate its project documentation and document approval processes. The challenges they faced were:

  • No Centralized Document Repository – They lacked a Centralized Document Library where all design documents could be stored based on individual projects and accessed easily.
  • Inability to track Document Versions & Approvals – Since there was no centralized repository, they lacked the ability to track document versions and the approval process
  • Inadequate security due to lack of Proper User Roles & Access Rights – Without proper controls in place, any user could view, download, print or delete design documents.

Solution Delivered:

CloudFronts successfully deployed a robust Document Management System on SharePoint Online for Cybernetik Technologies. The deployment included:

  • A Centralized Document Repository with SharePoint sites based on individual projects with business process flows for their specific business requirement.
  • Each SharePoint site has user-level permissions to ensure access control.
  • The SharePoint sites are added to their respective project channels on Microsoft Teams.
  • Auditable document approval process with respective stakeholders.

“Your password doesn’t matter, but MFA does.”

– Alex Weinert, Microsoft’s Group Program Manager for Identity Security and Protection 

Key Features:

Key Technologies:

Key Technologies:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power Automate

Post Go Live:

Post Go-live:

Post the Go Live, Cybernetik is experiencing all the benefits of a robust Document Management System like a Centralized Document Repository, Version & Access Control, Approval Tracking, and more.

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