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1 Sep’15

Webinar, September 16th – TIBCO Cloud Integration CDK & Connector Development

Join us on 16th Sept @ 10am US ET for a deep dive into the Scribe Online CDK and Connector Development!
Scribe Online is a cloud based Data Migration & Integration tool built on top of the Azure platform and offers robust customization capabilities through it’s CDK to connect to any software platform!
Webinar Recording :

1 Sep’15

Webinar, September 15th – TIBCO Cloud Integration Features Deep Dive

Join us in this Scribe Online Features Deep Dive session where we will be reviewing Agents, Connectors, Source – Target mapping and much more!
Webinar Recording :

19 Aug’15

Webinar, September 3rd – Sales Productivity using Microsoft CRM Online and Office 365

Join us in this Sales Productivity webinar where we will cover everything from Tracking Leads to Converting Opportunities to Sales Forecasting Reports & Dashboards. We will also look at Power BI Sales Dashboards using Sales data from CRM! Register here :

18 Aug’15

Webinar, September 1st – Enhancing Productivity with CRM for Outlook and CRM for Phones

Join Us in this webinar to learn about Enhancing business productivity with CRM for Outlook and CRM for Phones.
Webinar Recording :

17 Aug’15

Webinar, August 27th – Service Module in CRM with Parature

Join Us in this webinar to learn more about using the Service Module features in CRM along with the Parature integration. Webinar Recording :

5 Aug’15

Webinar, August 18th – Power BI Deep Dive !

In this session we will do a deep dive on some new features like Groups & Content Packs that were introduced recently. Plus we will show real time business intelligence capabilities in Power BI ! Join us on this exciting session to learn more! Webinar Recording :

15 Jul’15

Webinar, July 14th – What’s New in CRM Spring Update 2015 (Part 2)

The ‘Spring’ update for Microsoft CRM Online was released last month. This update packs a lot of new features, from simple UI changes to new functionality, all designed to improve the user experience! . Recording:

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