Customer Success: Bold Feedback

Power BI / Advanced Custom Visual

Bold Feedback partnered with CloudFronts Technologies to develop a custom visual which could help its clients capture actionable insights on the feedback process.

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Bold Feedback – A Market Research Company

About Bold Feedback:

Bold Feedback is a reputed market research company which helps its clients access genuine feedback for their products and services. They have been providing the services of customer insights for over 20 years and have guided some of the most recognizable brands in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Business Requirement:

Bold Feedback has expertise in assisting its clients to capture important customer insights as well as to listen to their customers with ease. To get effective insights, Bold Feedback uses Power BI as a data analysis tool because of its rich visualization and interaction.

Although Power BI has many OOB PBI visuals, sometimes there can be certain requirements that these visuals cannot fulfill. For such requirements, a Custom Power BI Visual can be developed that can encompass every requirement and also look exactly how you’d want it to look like.

Solution Delivered:

In this case, Bold Feedback required a custom visual which could replace their manual task of visual creation. They used Adobe InDesign to create visual design and subsequently, produce the results manually and submit it to their clients on demand. This manual update of the custom visual in every single report file represented an inefficient use of the client’s time. However, this changed drastically once the Custom Visual was developed.



“I found CloudFronts to be an absolute pleasure to work with. Your professionalism, obvious technical skills, ability to keep this project moving forward, the ability to understand my requirements and patience with the complexities of my role working with my client was deeply appreciated.”

— Rob Love, Managing Director, Bold Feedback

Key Features:

Key Technologies:

Key Technologies:

  • Power BI Online Service
  • Visual Studio

Post Go Live:

Post Go-Live:

Post-Go-Live, Bold Feedback went live with the newly made custom visuals on 18 March 2019.

Since then, they are using the custom visual to make more impactful reports apart from easing their operational processes. The development of the custom visual is enabling the Bold Feedback team to shift away from usual manual tasks thus creating a more flexible and enriched user experience. In short, rather than focus on limitations, their team can now focus on possibilities. is using the custom visuals has empowered the Bold Feedback team to produce analytical insights efficiently and submit the visual report to their customers.


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