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Data Migration

Data Migration is often the most overlooked & underestimated aspect of any migration project. Source and target systems will typically have different field types and formats along with different business logic that makes any Data Migration a complex task. Some key things to remember around Data Migrations are:

  • Source Data usually is not as clean as we think.
  • Garbage In, Garbage Out-If we migrate unclean data, our new CRM platform will start out with the same unclean data!
  • Data Migration requires patience and a very detailed approach.
  • Data migrated correctly to the new CRM plays a big role in user adaption!
  • Data Integrity must be preserved as part of the migration-Every single row of data should be accounted for.

Data Migration Philosophy

Our team follows a rigorous Data Migration philosophy to ensure every data migration is successful & reliable. The flow chart below provides the key steps in this process.

  • Extraction of data from one or more sources
  • Converting/merging data from multiple sources into single data warehouse
  • Transforming, filtering, applying business rules on data which is acceptable by target systems
  • Loading & verifying the actual data

Technologies used: SSIS, Scribe Insight, Scribe Online


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