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Portal Development

Building a web portal that is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps organizations maximize the value of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM investment by extending CRM to their customers and partners.

By leveraging our deep expertise on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and using the MVC 5 development framework, we help our clients deploy Custom Portals which connect to their CRM Online platform. Our team also has experience configuring and deploying ADX Studio Portals for our customers.

Key Benefits of developing Portals are:

  • Extend CRM system outside of your organization to customers and partners.
  • A richer customer experience and self service capability for your customers.
  • Build CRM processes that allow your customers or partners to take actions which update CRM!

Our Portal Development expertise includes:

  • Complete Portal access management in CRM through our Membership Management module.
  • Manage Client invitations in CRM through a single click!
  • Client logins and passwords encryption in CRM to ensure data security and reliability.
  • A good design team to ensure your Portals provide a great User Experience.
  • Leverage CRM as the data source for Portals so there is no need for a separate database.
  • A robust Portal Security model to ensure Clients can only view their data!
  • Support for all major browsers like Chrome, Safari & IE.
  • Microsoft Azure Portal deployment so there is zero hardware/software deployment on your side.
  • Use of latest technologies like Bootstrap and MVC to allow for a smooth interface across various devices.

ADX Portal Deployment

ADX (www.Adxstudio.com) offers CRM integrated Portals with deep functionality to integrate various CRM modules into their Portals. CloudFronts is an ADX Portal deployment partner and has expertise deploying ADX portals on Azure.

With hundreds of updates, enhancements and new features, every Adxstudio Portals release is value- packed. Key features:

  • Cloud Hosted and Software License options
  • Fully compatible with CRM Online
  • Deeper, personalized portals experiences using Entity Permissions
  • Dynamic web templates using Liquid Markup
  • CRM form sub-grid display

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