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Scribe Integrations

Scribe www.scribesoft.com is an enterprise grade Data Integration platform built to support complex integration requirements across various platforms. Scribe is also the platform of choice when integrating Microsoft Dynamics applications like CRM & AX to other applications.

CloudFronts is a premier Scribe partner and our talented, Scribe certified integration specialists and Scribe MVPs can help develop a reliable integration platform for your business.

Ability to integrate with different platforms and data sources.

Scribe Insight is Scribe’s flagship integration platform with over 12,000 mid-market and enterprise customers using it for their integration requirements across platforms like Dynamics CRM, AX and more! Key aspects of Scribe Insight are:

  • Out of the box adapters for Dynamics CRM and several other applications.
  • Ability to most platforms and different data sources.
  • A robust ‘Workbench’ to set up your integration processes with rules & formulas.
  • A ‘Console’ to manage all your Integration processes and monitor alerts and errors.
  • Alert notifications to specified users based on pre-determined criteria.
  • Real Time Integration capabilities through MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing).

Scribe Online is a completely cloud based Integration platform allowing you to complete your integration without any server or installation requirements so you can create business value faster. Key aspects of Scribe Online are:

  • Completely cloud based solution built on top of the Microsoft Azure platform.
  • Built in connectors for applications like CRM and ability to create new connectors using the ‘Connector Development Kit’.
  • Ability to invoke an integration process on Scribe Online from any application through an API call.

CloudFronts has completed several complex Integrations while leveraging the Scribe platform. Some examples are provided below.

  • Microsoft CRM-GP Integration: Our team worked closely with our Australian client to complete a bi-directional CRM and GP integration project using Scribe Insight. Key highlights of the integration:
    • Customers, Addresses, Products, Orders & Invoices integration.
    • Real-time integration between the two platforms.
    • Error handling with notification to system admin users.
    • Used the Scribe CRM and GP Adapters for the integration.
  • Microsoft CRM-AX Integration: Utilizing the Scribe CRM- AX JumpStart solution, the CloudFronts integration team deployed a complex CRM 2015-AX 2012 integration for our enterprise client. Key highlights of the integration:
    • Customers, Vendors, Products, Orders, Invoices, Transfer Orders integrated in a 2 way integration.
    • Real-time integration using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).
    • Utilizing AX AIF (Application Integration Framework) Web services to connect to AX.
    • Setup multiple Scribe environments-Development, Test, Staging & Production.
    • Used the Scribe CRM and Web Services Adapters for a reliable integration.

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