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AX 7

  • The next major version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, codenamed’Rainier’ or version ‘AX 7’. The general direction Microsoft is heading with all its products is ‘cloud first, mobile first’, with Dynamics AX 2015 being no exception. Microsoft will continue to deliver the most intuitive and simple solution for customer interactions, people and business by innovating and building out the functionality footprint across retail, distribution, manufacturing, services and public sector.
  • Cloud first in Dynamics AX 2015 translates to a new cloud optimized platform for both public and private deployments, but with an on-premises option too.
  • Mobile first means Microsoft believes that productivity is about empowering people and not simply enacting artificial technological walls that force people to work in predefined ways. Integrations between non-Microsoft products and devices will be such that there should be no difference in a user’s experience based on the mobile device they use, be it an iPhone, iPad, Android, or other type of device.
  • Since the new ‘AX 7’ is browser based, there are a few deprecated technologies including the Windows AX client, the Enterprise Portal, and the MorphX development workspace. In ‘AX 7’ development is available only from within Visual Studio.
  • Some of the salient features are listed below:
    • Faster and simpler to implement
    • Web Based AX
    • Cloud based solutions
    • Office 365 integrated
    • Programming language will still be X++ but everything will be .net compiled.

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