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Comparison between Yammer and Microsoft Teams

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With new release of Microsoft Teams, CloudFronts decided to analyse and check if Teams could be used for communication within the organization and we figured out few points between Yammer and Teams as which tool can be used as the best to enhance the communication within and outside the organization.

Following are some points on Yammer and Microsoft Teams based on different key points.

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Basic Idea – Yammer is like Forum Discussions

– Especially used for Asynchronous Communication

– User Interface is like Company Facebook

– Chat Group- Real Time Conversations

– No external/guest access

– Integration with third party services

Support – Discontinued the Desktop Client but Mobile App Available – Available on both Desktop Client and Mobile Client.
Mobility – Supported on Android, iOS, Windows phone – Supported on iOS, Android phones
Multimedia Support – No Audio, Video Conferencing – Supports both Audio and Video Conferencing
External access – External groups feature in Yammer enables us to extend and makes it easier for External teams to work together. – Integrates with Office 365 Groups.
CRM Integration – Yammer can replace the Activity Feeds solution in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online organization, though your Activity Feeds components will remain in the same state they were before installing Yammer. Yammer simply replaces Activity Feeds in the users’ workspace. – No integration with CRM.
Praise /Polls – With Yammer Users can do announcements, praise and have poll. – Microsoft Teams does not provide functionality to have praise and polls.
Alerts /Notification – Posts in Yammer can be notified via Emails (Personal Settings) – Notification appears only when we chat (Desktop App).

Whereas there is no intimation when users post in Channels though the channel name is highlighted in bold.

Meeting Invites/ Calendar – With Teams users can schedule, view and update their Meetings and can view Calendar from Teams.

They also highlight the number of attendees who have accepted the Meeting.

Connectors – Teams can be connected to Third Party Installers. For Developers Team can connect to Yammer, TFS etc.

– TFS can help the Development Team to organize the task and see the status and manage them easily within the Team Window.

Additional Points – Files uploaded on Yammer stays in Yammer and are not uploaded in SharePoint or OneDrive.

But Files from OneDrive can be added in the post on Yammer.

– Yammer, you can search for public groups and ask to join them. In Yammer, you have private groups which cannot be seen at all.

– Microsoft Teams is Business Casual

– No outside people can be added to the conversation.

– Teams is built on top of all of the existing Microsoft technologies. Under the hood, every Team is actually an Office 365 Group

– When the user is creating or uploading the files in the team it is actually uploading and creating files in SharePoint

– T-Bot is a training bot at this time. It’s designed to allow you to ask questions and get a quick reply on how to complete a particular task.

– In Teams, you only see the Teams in which you have been invited to.

Conclusion – Yammer is the social network

– Yammer is a bulletin board for the entire organization

– Teams is the social interaction with fresh UI.

– Teams works well asynchronously, for more informal, Business Casual conversation.


Thus, we at CloudFronts use Yammer to connect to External Groups but Microsoft Teams for our internal communications and awaiting more enhancements in Team in near future.

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